Mystery Diner: La Katrina Autentica Serves Up Real Deal Mexican Favorites

Food truck is not a standalone restaurant, but makes weekly stops in Princeton

If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican favorites, grilled up steaming hot and fresh, the mobile La Katrina Autentica is a must-try spot.

La Katrina isn’t a standalone restaurant, it’s a food truck that makes weekly stops in Princeton and increasingly in surrounding towns.

The truck’s owner and chef Jocelyn is a trained pastry chef turned savory chef hailing from Chicago. Her ever-expanding menu always includes favorites like soft corn shell tacos available in chicken, steak, pastor and shrimp, burritos with various fillings, including an excellent chili rellenos version, and over-the-top nachos, as well as Mexican favorites, such as tortas, chilaquiles and pozole with occasional forays into America pub cuisine.

Everything on the menu is bursting full of fresh ingredients, made to order while you wait, and is accompanied by amazingly flavored handmade sauces and salsas.

Prices are reasonable for the overly large portions and the quality. Tacos are three for $11, while the giant burritos are $12. Tortas are $10, and large-sized soups are $10.

For just more than $50, I was able to feed my whole crew with leftovers. We got chips and salsa, well worth $5 for the salsa alone, a chorizo and cheese torta, a steak burrito and a trio of tacos that included chicken, steak and pastor (a pineapple-roasted pork).

My favorite, which was a surprise, was the torta, which I’d never actually had before. I love a good sandwich and could live on Mexican food, but the combo to me had always been a “never the twain shall meet.”

Let me tell you how wrong that notion is. Instead, picture the perfect combination of everything right about a burrito and convey it to a huge crispy yet fluffy bun. Do yourself a favor and get one.

La Katrina doesn’t have a set schedule yet (fingers crossed that will change soon), but posts where the food truck will be on its Facebook page at

And its whereabouts also can be found on the page of frequent host Barrel Society in Princeton at A visit to the Barrel Society page shows that the next date for La Katrina is Nov. 3.

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WHAT: La Katrina Autentica

WHERE: Mobile, however frequent trips to Barrel Society, 930 N. Main St., Princeton

PHONE: 773-984-8160