Mystery Diner in Mendota: Cindy’s on 34 serves up tasty Sunday brunch

Burgers and melts, deluxe sandwiches, pasta, breakfast, dinners and country style all part of menu

Cindy's on 34 is located at 1300 Raymond Drive in Mendota. It's phone number is 815-539-9000.

The allure of Cindy’s on 34 – whose motto is “Fantastic Home Cookin’”– makes the drive to Mendota well worth the trip for any meal.

Cindy’s is located right off the interchange of Interstate 39 and U.S. Route 34 on the east edge of Mendota.

My party of four arrived at 1 p.m. on a Sunday, and it proved to be good timing as the Sunday brunch was still being served. It is featured from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There are plenty of items to fill your plate from the Sunday Brunch at Cindy's on 34 in Mendota.

Three of us, including myself, chose the brunch, which offered an ample mix of both breakfast and lunch items. (Cost was $12.99.)

For brunch, I like to start with breakfast. I had plenty of choices to fill my plate: Biscuits and gravy. Scrambled eggs. Hashed browns. Bacon. Sausage, patties and links. French toast.

I noticed my brunch partners had similar first plates.

I was just warming up and still had room for the lunch part of my brunch. There were plenty of items to cap my meal: Fried chicken. Roasted chicken. Mostaccioli. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Green beans. Stir-fry.

Crepes and fritters were among the dishes for dessert.

The fourth member of our party went with the roasted chicken special of the day. The half chicken filled the plate, and was smothered with gravy. The special also came with mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green beans (the veggie of the day) and salad. (Cost was $14.29.)

Total cost for the four of us was $67.70, including three iced teas and a coffee, plus tip. If you pay by cash, you will save the extra minimal transaction fee.

There are plenty of items to fill your plate from the Sunday Brunch at Cindy's on 34 in Mendota.

Cindy’s has a full menu of “Fantastic Home Cookin’,” including burgers and melts, deluxe sandwiches, pasta, dinners and country style recipes. An array of salads includes the steak and avocado with sliced sirloin.

One section of the expansive menu highlights shoes in pony or horse serving sizes, which feature a choice of meat over toast, piled high with fries and topped with a homemade “spiced up” cheese sauce. Choices of meats include hamburger, turkey, ham, roast beef, tenderloin, corned beef and chicken strips.

There is a senior menu for patrons age 60 and older, as well as a children’s menu for guests age 10 and younger.

The Roasted Chicken special at Cindy's on 34 in Mendota fills your plate and comes with mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, veggie of the day and a salad,

Cindy’s is open daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., and carryout is offered. Remodeled in the last few years, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with breakfast available all day, and nightly specials offered.

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WHAT: Cindy’s on 34

WHERE: 1300 Raymond Drive, Mendota

PHONE: 815-539-9000